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  • You like to mix tradition and modernity: a boho wedding dress with your mother’s diamond earrings
  • Your groom wears Starwars cufflinks and Superman socks as he is always the hottest guy on earth in any circumstances!
  • You wear your Jimmy Choo around town for the pictures and end bare foot in the streets of Rome, eating a gelato
  • Your dreamy location for the ceremony : unforgettable in a wood, bare foot on a beach or romantic in a garden with a view
  • You DO love details but you want to keep things easy. You prefer to enjoy a real experience, not ruin your day about « perfection »
  • You organise your jewish wedding in a greenhouse in Venice with a female Rabbi. What a stunning chuppah, Mazel tov!
  • You are obsessed about flowers and in your dreams, you’d wear a flower crown to go to the office
  • You organize to facetime the ceremony for your grand mother at home who can’t attend the wedding
  • Your budget priority is : the wedding dress, photography and an amazing hotel room
  • You want to do the things your own way. Not copy a wedding blog. Because this is your life!
  • Instead of guest wedding favors, you are proud to donate the money to a charity
  • You will write your vows in a cute booklet and cry when saying them to your other half
  • You can’t bring your dog to Europe for the elopement so you print a true-size portrait to make him part of your day
  • Before the ceremony, both of you and the bridal party walk around Positano, drinking Peroni beers, and have so much fun!

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 life is a journey

 Ciao my name is Peggy!

My job is to capture love and emotions to last a lifetime. I’m a photographer and truly a storyteller. I think that photography is the most important things for your wedding (with the dress and flowers!). I document life with a fresh, creative & delicate eye. I’m sensitive, curious, stubborn and a hopeless romantic. I love my two crazy rescue dogs (Dagobert & Leopoldo), waking up early, my morning green tea alone in the kitchen, gorgeous hotels & rooms with a view, singing loudly shameful disco songs in my Fiat 500, the museums of contemporary art, dinners with candles, the scent of clean sheets, avocado sushi rolls & coconut milk.

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