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Maison Pestea Photography | Italy wedding Photographer – Europe destination wedding photographer
Italy wedding photographer - Europe destination wedding photographer - Personal intimate wedding elopement - unscripted pictures
Italy wedding photographer, Europe destination wedding photographer
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Personal wedding | unscripted pictures

Ciao my name is Peggy

I am a storyteller

Telling stories is part of my life from my childhood.

With a pen and a piece of paper, later with a computer.

Then with a camera as a photographer.

My story is about family roots, travel and destiny.

I'm a french woman with an italian heart.

I document life & love, I'm a wedding photographer.

Intimate memories

Destination weddings or romantic elopements : I love to capture emotions, feelings, moments and tiny details with the idea that these are your true memories.

When you choose your photographer, you pick someone who will share an important part of your intimate story.

All is about love

In four words, I can sum up what I beleive : romance is still alive.

It doesn't mean cheesy or awkward.

Sometimes, it's just a knowing glance, something so subtle that no one would pay attention.

That's why I love wedding pictures because they are pure emotions.

They can make you laugh and cry all at the same time.

My style

A fine art photojournalistic approach : I work unobtrusively to capture authentic connections and delicate moments.

It's important for me to keep things simple, natural and real.

I think that it's always an incredible gift and a great responsibility to document a story for a few hours - as a honeymoon or an engagement - or a entire day.


Real beauty | pure emotions