Ciao I’m Peggy Picot. I’m a french fine-art wedding photographer. And I’m truly a storyteller. I think that photography is one of the most important things for your wedding. I document life with a fresh, creative & delicate eye. I’m sensitive, curious, stubborn, optimistic and a hopeless romantic. If you like my vision, feel free to drop me an email.

I live in Italy for the man of my life. I love cooking, I love my dog (Dagobert), I love cooking for my dog. I love waking up early, my morning espresso alone in the kitchen, gorgeous hotels & rooms with a view, singing loudly shameful disco songs in my car, the museums of contemporary art, dinners with candles, the scent of clean sheets, spicy vegetarian dishes & almond milk.

I work in Europe but I love to travel. Take me anywhere with your dreams!

Bonjour, je suis Peggy Picot. Photographe en Europe, je documente des moments forts, je raconte votre histoire. Curieuse, sensible, spontanée, j’ai du caractère.

Maison Pestea c’est le nom d’une ferme basque aux volets rouges qui regarde les montagnes. Entre la France et l’Italie, j’accompagne des amoureux venus d’horizons très variés. En immersion dans la vie d’une famille le temps d’une journée, je photographie avec discrétion et subtilité les moments sensibles, sincères et drôles d’une fête pas comme les autres.

Je travaille en France et en Italie mais j’aime aussi voyager. Contactez-moi pour vos événements à l’étranger.

Who is Maison Pestea?

The Maison Pestea is the name of a real family house in the south of France, in the green mountains in the heart of the Country Basque. I took this name because I have to tell a little piece of my story to explain that choice. Telling stories is part of my life from my childhood. With a pen and a piece of paper, later with a computer. Then with a camera as a photographer. My story is about family roots, travel and destiny. I’m a french woman with an italian heart. I document life & love, I’m a wedding photographer.

Why wedding photography?

In four words, I can sum up what I beleive : romance is still alive. It doesn’t mean cheesy or awkward. Sometimes, it’s just a knowing glance, something so subtle that no one would pay attention. That’s why I love wedding pictures because they are pure emotions. They can make you laugh and cry all at the same time.

What kind of weddings?

Destination weddings or romantic elopements : I love to capture emotions, feelings, moments and tiny details with the idea that these are your true memories. When you choose your photographer, you pick someone who will share an important part of your intimate story.

What is your style?

A fine art photojournalistic approach : I work unobtrusively to capture authentic connections and delicate moments. It’s important for me to keep things simple, natural and real. I think that it’s always an incredible gift and a great responsibility to document a story for a few hours – as a honeymoon or an engagement – or a entire day.