Positano means breathtaking views


How to have a fabulous elopement in Positano along the Amalfi Coast

The picturesque bay of Positano is a dream for many travelers from all over the world! History says that Positano has been founded by the god Poseidon, artifacts have been found dating human habitation to the Paleolithic era. In Roman & Medieval times, it was an important port of the Amalfi republic. Since the 1950’, the small village of fishermen began to attract many tourists and became an important place for artists & movie stars. Elope in Positano is a unique experience and for sure, the best idea to create unforgettable memories together. Positano is a paradise for wanderlust and wanderlove.

An elopement is always an adventure! All is about creating unique and unforgettable memories. The way you are. Telling so much about your personal story together. Positano is such a special place for an elopement. Enjoy a very special day, just the two of you… and a view.

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What kind of ceremony?

You have the choice for your elopement in Positano:

  • a civil ceremony at Positano’s Town Hall: the terrace with the view on roofs overlooking the village is really nice!
  • a religious ceremony in the church of Santa Maria Assunta, in the heart of Positano, you can feel the sea and enjoy the stunning backdrop
  • symbolic ceremony: everywhere you want! it can be on a boat, just the two of you on the terrace of your room/Airbnb, on the terrace/garden of your gorgeous hotel!

My advice: symbolic ceremony is really the easiest option for an elopement in Positano (less expensive and really less complicated). Feel free to contact me for more info.

Do you need a wedding planner for your elopement in Positano?

If you want a legal civil wedding or religious ceremony in church, it’s easier to work with a local wedding planner that will help you for the paperworks as it can be very complicated in Italy.

My advice is to avoid big impersonal agencies who sell «All-inclusive» elopement or wedding packages with everything inside (from ceremony to flowers photographer etc.) because some of them are not flexible and don’t let you choose your own vendors. If you don’t like their suggestions, you should be free to do your own choices (because this is YOUR special day ;)).

If you need a referral, I work with a great professional wedding planner in the area, and we’re happy to offer together perfect packages for your elopement. Feel free to email me : Ciao Peggy 

My fav hotels in Positano 

  • Villa Boheme is an incredible place in Positano, it’s my heart now forever. The exclusive Suites are aboslutely perfect for eloping! The Acquamarina Suite is breathtaking with the most incredible private terrace. The Puccini Suite is a magical idea too with the charm of the colums and lemon trees. Highly recommended for an unforgettable experience in Positano.
  • Hotel Marincanto  The panoramic terrace of Hotel Marincanto is so unique for intimate wedding ceremonies. It’s also very easy because it’s located in the center, close to everything you’d like to do (beach, shops etc.) and you can arrive at the hotel by car (you will see that it makes a huge difference in Positano because you will have to walk by foot and do a lot of steps).  A wonderful place for an intimate wedding ceremony in Positano. You have a minimum of guests for the main terrace and limited available dates. The Villa Incanto, “18th century historical dwelling of incomparable beauty” offers also a wonderful setting for elopements and private dinner. The Prestige Suite is another fabulous opportunity for eloping with a huge private terrace and lemons trees. Perfect for a private dinner too. Highly recommended!  

  • Villa Magia OMG this is such a lovely place! I’ve discovered this great placea few years ago and I’m so excited to photograph many elopements every year in this special place. The location has a charming terrace with columns perfect for ceremony and/or dinner. You can do everything in this location: getting ready, ceremony and dinner. The Honeymoom suite has two incredible terraces that you can use for first look, ceremony, cake cutting and even a private dinner. A very good address to discover!
  • Le Sirenuse: Since 1951, this hotel is just magical, all is about the details. The Sirens is one of Italy’s leading seaside luxury hotels. Live an exclusive experience at the Hotel Le Sirenuse. Their restaurant La Sponda is also a must for an unforgettable night in Positano. You can’t get married or have a elopement in this hotel but it is a luxury fabulous experience to stay there.
  • Casa Buonocore My fav guest house in Positano, absolutely perfect for an elopement! The place is so charming. “A house filled with the scent of orange blossom: Tucked away amidst the narrow lanes of Positano, there’s a lovely white house. To reach it, from the main road, you’ll need to make your way up 70 steps, following the sweet scent of the oranges growing in the garden hidden behind the house.” Book early because it’s always full! Keep that advice for Positano, it’s really small. If possible, try to book your accommodation as soon as possible.
  • Hotel Murat
  • Hotel Savoia


Other great hotels in Positano:

Another solution to find accommodation at Positano is to rent from private (with Airbnb Tripadvisor, Booking.com etc.). It can be an amazing idea for the ceremony if the Villa has a terrace. You can find fantastic hidden places, Just check where it is located in Positano. Some appartements are outside of the center and a lot of steps from the main street. It can be very challenging so look at the pictures and feel free to ask me for advices if you have any doubts,


– One of the most amazing Villa in Positano Villa Oliviero This luxurious villa can host up to 12 guests and includes a garden, swimming pool & outdoor hot tub. Perfect for an intimate wedding.

–  Casa Fioravante  I shot groom’s getting ready pictures at Casa Fioravante, the light is just incredible and the terrace offers a fantastic view.

Little Flower Villa I’ve been happy to photograph an intimate wedding ceremony on the terrace of Little Flower Villa, an interesting location with the view on the roofs. 

Villino Sarno The rooms are pretty small but the terrace is just incredible! Getting ready pictures and first look in this Villa here.

My advice: always check with the owner of the AIRBNB how many steps you will have to do to reach the Accommodation from the main street and how far it’s from the beach! Comfy shoes will be your best friends in Positano.

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My 3 best advices to elope to Positano 

  • If possible, try to book your accommodation as soon as possible. Consider that Positano is really small and the bookings begin early.

  • Keep in mind that Positano means a lot of steps 🙂 They are part of the experience. So consider to take a plan B pair of shoes if you have heels, to be sure that you are confortable to walk between locations and enjoy the day! Ask for my advice if you are not sure of your choice of Airbnb or villa (sometimes it’s difficult to understand how far it is from main street).

  • Book a private boat tour: this is the best solution to do amazing pictures with Positano in the background. And with a glass of Prosecco, this is just a perfect moment to remember.

For more informations on my photography in Positano, feel free to email me. I will be happy to help : Ciao Peggy 

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