looking for true stories

 My name is Peggy


REAL Maison Pestea is the name of a real family house in the south of France, in the green mountains in the heart of the Country Basque. I took the name of my family’s house because I have to tell a little piece of my story to explain that choice. Telling stories is part of my life from my childhood. With a pen and a piece of paper, later with a computer. Then with a camera as a photographer. My story is about family roots, travel and destiny. I’m a french woman with an italian heart. I document life & love.


ROMANCE  In four words, I can sum up what I beleive : romance is still alive. This feeling of excitement and mistery. It doesn’t mean cheesy or awkward!!! Sometimes, it’s just a knowing glance, something so subtle that no one would pay attention. It’s the quite invisible link between two people. That’s why I love wedding pictures because they are pure emotions. They can make you laugh and cry all at the same time.


INTIMATE Destination weddings or romantic elopements : I love to capture emotions, feelings, moments and tiny details with the idea that these are your true memories. When you choose your photographer, you pick someone who will share an important part of your intimate story.


UNOBTRUSIVE & NATURAL A fine art documentary approach : I try to capture something real from the couple. My style is a blend of portraiture and documentary-style shots. I work unobtrusively to capture authentic connections and delicate moments. It’s important for me to keep things simple, natural and real. I think that it’s always an incredible gift and a great responsibility to document a story for a few hours – as a honeymoon or an engagement – or a entire day.

My work has been featured on many blogs in the US, UK, France and Italy as Rock n’ Roll Bride, Elle, Love my dress, One Fab Day, JuneBug Weddings, Style Me Pretty, The Wedding Chicks, Fly Away Bride, French Wedding Style, Fearless Photographers, Wedding Wonderland, Un Beau Jour, La mariée aux pieds nus, Le Frufrù, La mariée en colère, The Bride Next Door etc. and paper magazines as Sposa Moderna, Belle Bridal, Sposabella, Vogue Sposa, Confetti, Marions nous, Galway Now, Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Mag…