Still in love with Venezia 🖤 This is an old picture but always important for me. As Venice. I can’t say how many times I got lost in Venice. It’s the true magic of the Serenissima, it can steal my heart every two seconds with its unique Gothic architecture, deep reflections of light and colors, insane daily life on the water and postcard gondolas & bridges. And makes me mad because the address never matches the numbers on the buildings, every corner looks the same when I leave the main attractions, the vaporetto full of tourists makes me sicker than being in a gondola at rush hour on the grand canal, mosquitos are twice as bad than anywhere in Italy. I love Venice so deeply, as only true affection can be: infinite and mad.

An elopement is always an adventure! All is about creating unique and unforgettable memories. The way you are. Telling so much about your personal story together. Venice is such a special place for an elopement or an intimate wedding. DM or email me for more info about my elopement and wedding packages 🌿
Currently booking wedding and elopement for 2020 & 2021

For informations on wedding coverage, elopement, honeymoon and pre-wedding, send me an email : Ciao Peggy  

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Peggy Picot - Maison Pestea

Wedding & elopement photographer in France & Italy

For your wedding at Masseria Torre Coccaro in Apulia, you want to mix the styles: a boho dress with your granny's diamond earrings

You can wear Starwars cufflinks and Superman socks for your wedding at The Lazy Olive in Tuscany as you're always the hottest guy in any circumstances

You love to wear your Jimmy Choo to elope in Rome but prefer to end bare foot, eating a gelato

As you can't travel with your dog for the wedding in Positano, you print a true-size portrait to make him part of your ceremony on the terrace of Hotel Marincanto

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Italy + France elopements & intimate weddings photographer
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